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Singapore Aircraft Management: An Overview

Singapore Aircraft Management is a leading Aviation Services Provider that fully oversees its clients and their needs every step of the way. When it comes to aviation services, SAM strives to be set apart among other providers in the industry. Essentially, their goal is to give you your money, energy and time’s worth. Whether you need assistance with acquiring brand new or pre-owned aircraft, putting your aircraft on the market, or managing your Aviation Services needs, all of these and more are the expertise of Singapore Aircraft Management. Because SAM has no affiliation with any brand, you can rest assured that consulting services are 100 percent impartial. SAM ensures that your needs and profile are thoroughly assessed and taken into consideration in order to provide you with the perfectly tailored solution.
In terms of experience, Singapore Aircraft Management and its staff aren’t lacking in any way. SAM has experts on board that have years of tenure in the airlines industry as well as in the general aviation industry. This is why SAM has been trusted for years by countless clients around the globe. Singapore Aircraft Management has overseen the acquisition of quite a number of private aircrafts for clients and from this experience; they have gained an invaluable and incomparable knowledge that can only be earned from time and exposure to this industry. Through the years, SAM has managed to forge connections around the globe with aircraft owners, regulatory agencies, maintenance experts, brokers, and more in order to facilitate and expedite the process of acquiring aircraft.
Services offered by Singapore Aircraft Management include aircraft acquisition, fractional private ownership, aircraft management, aircraft charter, private owner pilot mentoring, and special theme trips.

Aircraft Acquisition

If you need assistance with making a decision on what Business or Private Jet to purchase, SAM can lend a hand. SAM helps you choose the suitable aircraft for you by collecting the ff. details:


  • Expected travel patterns
  • Aircraft utilization
  • Aircraft management options
  • Client budget

For the aircraft, the following characteristics are presented to the prospective buyer (source):

  • Seating capacity
  • Cabin dimensions
  • Range
  • Speed
  • Performance

Singapore Aircraft Management can also assist with inspecting the aircraft prior to delivery, aircraft ferrying, registering the aircraft, and storing it. The bottom line is that you are the client and SAM’s role is simply to deliver on what you ask for.

Aircraft Management

Services offered by SAM for aircraft management include:

  • Regulatory compliance audit
  • Aircraft operating certificate processing
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Establishment and management of flight operations department
  • Sourcing and maintenance of flight crew and operations staff
  • Training management
  • Flight operations management
  • Cost offsetting

Aircraft Charter

Regardless of what your purpose for travel is, a chartered aircraft will allow you the freedom of getting to your destination of choice on your schedule. SAM will help you choose the right aircraft based on how many passengers will be on board, how far the destination is, and other important factors.
Lastly, Singapore Aircraft Management can also provide assistance with fractional ownership of aircraft.

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